22 May 2009

Other people think Jenny McCarthy is a moron, too!

I am not the only one! Actually, I knew that, but this post cried out for some hyperbole. Y'all know my feelings about Jenny McCarthy -- I think I've been obvious enough, right? Well, the amazingly erudite, incredibly intelligent, and wonderfully wordy docs over at Science-Based Medicine spend a lot of their energy dealing with Jenny McCarthy and her anti-vaxxer friends. Dr. Jones (not Indiana Jones, you idiot!) published a brilliant post dissecting and repudiating Jenny McCarthy's new video. She also does a great job outlining general concerns about this pervasive, under-the-radar, anti-science attitude which seems to be chic in the upper middle class SAHM set. This video contains the most appalling anti-science "information", really misinformation. Remember, it all spews out of the mouth of a former Playboy model and "actress", who styles herself as more knowledgeable about this issue than doctors.

I will not foam at the mouth today, but I did have to wash my eyes out with bleach after I watched the video. And yes, I did watch the whole thing.


ExpatMom said...

Well, of course!

Actually, I didn't know Jenny McCarthy from Adam, until I checked her out after your last post.

You know my stance on vaccinations, so I'm totally with you!

I recently defended vaccinations to a mother who was pulling a Jenny McCarthy in my doctor's waiting room - I told her the story of the measles epidemic we witnessed in Serbia after the state-sponsored vaccination program had broken down. Not sure if I convinced her but my doctor loved it.

neurondoc said...

Aren't you glad that you know who she is, now? And aren't you glad I watched that video, so you didn't have to?