20 May 2009

Mumbly Earworm

I am tone deaf. People who know me well ask me not to sing. However, that doesn't prevent songs from getting stuck in my head, and neither does not knowing the lyrics either. My brain just fills in the missing words with "blah" and "something" and Hmm", etc.

Unfortunately, it seems ThePinkThing has inherited my (lack-of) voice (the poor thing). But she likes to sing, and she sings with enthusiasm. And right now it's cute. Anyway, I am not the one to answer any type of musical question. Yesterday morning, while putting her snack in one of the pockets of TPT's backpack, I noticed a note from her kindergarten teacher. It asked TPT to provide a song or title of a song to get the class energized for a big reading test. Here is our conversation on this topic:

Neurondoc: What is this about you bringing in a song?
ThePinkThing: Mrs. S. says I am supposed to bring in a song for the reading test.
ND (to whom this whole thing is completely new, including the reading test): When is the reading test?
TPT: I don't know.
ND: You don't know? Is it today?
TPT: Maybe.
ND: Well, we better get a song for you then.
TPT: What song should I bring?
ND: I don't know. (wracking brain) How about "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"?
TPT (said in tones of disgust): Mommy, that's for babies.
ND: Oh. Um, how about "Old MacDonald" then?
TPT (now annoyed): NO!
ND: Then you pick a song.
TPT (after some cogitation): How about "The Macarena"?
ND (thinking: aaargh, I hate that song, now it'll be stuck in my head): Fine. Here, you write it out on the paper and don't forget to tell Mrs. S. about it.

As I said, I hate that song. It is one of those songs that I don't know the lyrics to, but it gets stuck in my head anyway. Endlessly. Then it leaves, but comes back again at any opportunity. "Macaroni" you say. My brain translates that into "The Macarena". Aaargh. (I'll have you know it's still in there from yesterday morning because of the above conversation.) And, of course, TPT loves that song and can perform the whole dance routine while (sort of) singing it.

I tried telling this story to some coworkers in the vain hope that the earworm will leave me and go to them. It didn't work. I am hoping that at least it got stuck in the kindergarten teacher's head, because it's all her fault it's in mine.

Maybe I've given it to you and it will get out of my head. And don't you dare offer me macaroni for dinner...


vince said...

Want some cheese with that whine? And you not would you can make with cheese, don't you?

Don't you?

::strolls away with an evil grin singing to himself::

Tania said...

Are you familiar with They Might Be Giants? They have some cool kids music they've been doing for the last few years.

neurondoc said...

Tania -- I love They Might Be Giants. I just don't sing their songs. :-) Dan Zanes is a trip, too.

Vince, I will get you for that. Somehow. Just wait.

Ilya said...

I'm pretty sure I have a video somewhere of making a fool out of myself dancing Macarena. Godd fun!

John the Scientist said...

Go visit Nathan's post about the Japanese exercise videos. It won't get rid of the song, but it'll substitute new lyrics. o.O

neurondoc said...

Ilya -- Can we see that video?

John -- I must respectfully decline your invitation. I don't want new lyrics stuck in my head, thank you... :-D

Random Michelle K said...

My father can't carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it. In high school choir he was asked to mouth the words and not actually sing.

However, he *likes* to sing.

So trust me. Nothing you could sign would shock or disturb me.


And as far as TPT, singing is a skill to be exercised like any other. Encourage her to sing no matter what.

MWT said...

Hmmm. I had some ...uh, pasta... salad for dinner tonight. >.>

Ilya said...

Ilya -- Can we see that video?Eventually, I'll get around to producing a "family celebrations" movie out of my video archives. Eventually.

WendyB_09 said...

The Macarena was at the height of its popularity back in '96 when the Olympics were here.

My parents and I were at the GA Dome watching the Women's Gymnastics practice rounds. During one of the interludes, the Dome played said song, with the announcer telling everyone to get up and move about in several lanuages.

Of course, I got up a danced and then attempted to teach my parents the macarena. Well, at least my mother, daddy just sat there and laughed at us!

Even funnier was the nightly coverage of the after hours events at Centennial Park and around town. We were treated regularly to live shots of thousands of people at a time doing that dance all over town!

Earworm or not, that song actually brings back happy memories.


neurondoc said...

Sort of like how I like the Electric Slide. Not that I can do it, but because I remember my grandmother (in her late 70's at the time, now 92) doing the Electric Slide at my aunt and uncle's wedding. She did it better than most of the younger people...