14 May 2009

This post will definitely get me smacked

One of my good friends is visiting for the next couple of days. He is the husband of my evil twin (or I am the evil twin, I forget), who is my best friend. If you have a best friend, you know that it is extra specially great when your best friend really likes something that you like a lot. Well, I like sushi. It is one of my happy foods. ThePinkThing likes it a lot, too, while TheHusband likes it well enough. My best friend had never eaten sushi before I dragged her to my formerly favorite sushi restaurant in Bethesda (it has since closed). "Try this" (eel), I said. "It tastes like chicken, but better!" She did. "And try this (salmon), too. It tastes sort of like lox, but yummier." Etc. I got her hooked. And in the last 11 years of our friendship, since she has been eating sushi, she has lived in Germany, Belgrade, Bucharest, Yerevan, and now again in Germany (small town in the middle of the country). So sushi is not readily available. Or good, if available at all. But I ate sushi with her stand-in (aka, the ersatz-Claudia) tonight. We shared nicely.

And to top it off, the husbands stopped off at the grocery store and brought back four (4!) freaking pints of Ben and Jerry's. Four different kinds of B&J ice cream that I like. You wouldn't expect me to restrain myself, would you? No? You're right. So I had some ice cream for dessert.

Sushi and Ben & Jerry's with her husband. Claudia will smack me the next time I see her, even if we are on the way to a sushi restaurant... And it will have been worth it. And she is still my best friend.


Lorraine said...

Much visit envy.

No fish envy, however.

vince said...

Fish is good. Friends are even better. Getting smacked - not so much.

As for raw, unless it's fruit or a salad (and even then with a limited number of raw things making up the salad) I don't like raw food.

MWT said...

Yay sushi! :)

Boo taunting. ;)

neurondoc said...

It is "taunting" with the full understanding that She. Will. Get. Me. Back. And I will deserve it.

And, shockingly, I haven't been smacked yet...

John the Scientist said...

OK, I know where I'm taking Vince when he comes to NYC to see Nathan and I.

And Ben and Jerry's? Yes, I expect you to resist. The only ice cream worthy enough to follow sushi is Green tea Ice Cream.

As penance you have to join the pedometer group. :p

neurondoc said...

JTS, I think green tea tastes like boiled socks. It is a travesty to make boiled socks-flavored ice cream, and I will not eat it. As it happens, the ice cream was consumed about 3 hours post-sushi, so there was no need to even consider that stuff.

And if Vince won't go there, you can take me instead. :-)

John the Scientist said...

You have obviously not had good green tea.

Of course, if we go for stinky tofu, then bad green tea is the perfect dessert. :p

ExpatMom said...

Really, have I ever smacked you? Falling on my knees in front of you, perhaps. But surely nothing more violent than that (and it only hurt my own knees).

I am very happy the four of you got to go out nicely for sushi and had B&J's. I got really really really hungry when I read the post. But I did not have any violent tendencies, I swear.

Maybe only a tiny little bit.

Anyway, I agree with the boiled socks.

See? I can be very gracious.

[Warning]If I get lots of sushi next time around.[/Warning]


neurondoc said...

That's why I love you. Although I still think I will be smacked in some way and agree that I deserve it. But I will say that Doug and I were discussing the mid-decade trip. It is only 2 years away. And will not include them. Any of them.

As for lots of sushi the next time around -- duh!